Vitality VoxBox from Influenster

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I am really happy for the past few days because good products are keep on coming on my way.  Another set of items were being sent to me.  Actually this is my second time to receive products from Influenster .  I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.  I’m very lucky to be one of the person/ blogger who will going to try and have it.  Let me show you ….


 photo 07cc2075-9206-4499-b592-0432303c1e44_zps42a43291.jpg
 photo image-04f79c27e0a7e55160f34f225435e2de62f5be42b52971f19043135676e94066-V_zps3fe114b7.jpg
 photo image-df29b037cfc3fb29fc28feb4db1489e42653f76df3c5f4a1a4f47b57a6c2183e-V_zpse1f74e49.jpg

Now let me show you one by one…
 photo image-9ec1e1e38e64b11d24729f6aace40588b833c139313635bf7d3c6fae00a2df1a-V_zps9313f0e7.jpg
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future -  you will going to have the flawless skin that every woman would love to have. A unique liquid serum which will help you to reduce the appearance of early signs of wrinkles on your skin.
 photo image-a5be724712b7e6731ed54125a92b46101e36fbbe5ded9db8db4d67cedd716cc5-V_zps2656ffbf.jpg
Softlips cube-  5 in 1 lip care  which can hydrates, replenishes, smoother, protects and add shines on our lips.
 photo image-6962dc1bb3df4cc8d9f90787a7aebce5ee339628f87bbb5a550a27568e94c785-V_zps9eed62ba.jpg
Bikini Energy Gummies – dietary supplement  and secret weapon for beautiful lifestyle.
 photo image-2fbe7684c1ec379fe8134c09d4b34b22cdd82207662aa2b3f0872595e681e5fa-V_zps156b6159.jpg
Pure Leaf – real brewed tea which is very refreshing.
 photo image-1a9950bf261ddeddf05814fb982db35ed964bc87c8ffe0cbe8fd75445808f891-V_zpsf12edea8.jpg
First Degree Burn Cream -  a really must-have and it should be on our first aide kit.  We need this in case of emergency.
 photo image-1d017cf1c16578f8b6da23ed097843418dd326146c63503a74d92e805bacd3ae-V_zps51238329.jpg
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance – 16 plastic tampons which is very essential for us women.  I can even wear any outfits even I have my menstruation.  I can also do some vigorous activities. Lots of advantages in using such tampons.


Thanks again Influenster for this opportunity to try the products.

Note of Disclaimer : Received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


Teach kids to love reading books

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In the modern technology that we have right now, some kids today much prefer to use these high tech gadgets. I’m not against with this things because I myself also benefited from it. But I think they forget the traditional way of learning which is reading books. They are not interested on books and any other reading materials. They just browse the internet and automatically all the details or information that they needed will be given to them right away. Libraries from where they can research their homework were vacant because they taught that it’s boring staying on that place.

But as a mom like me I want to expose my daughter to love books. That’s why I bought her different kinds of books. I’m glad that she started to like them. She’s not that very good in reading because she’s still familiarizing the letters. I always told her that she should learn reading even at her young age.

 photo IMG_20140720_155751_zpse2606e51.jpg

 photo IMG_20140720_155720_zpsd224ef1d.jpg
Just recently we went to the mall. And, one thing that my daughter couldn’t forget is to go on some playhouse. Right now she’s  my one and only child. She don’t have any siblings or playmates that’s why she wants to meet set of new friends inside the playroom. Wants to deal with other kids same as her age. While we were waiting for her, I saw her handling a book and busy turning the pages. I can see on her face that she’s happy glancing over the page of the book. As if she already know how to read. She’s very proud of herself and keep on discussing with us what the book is telling about. Reading a book has lots of good benefits to give. Their wild imaginations started to explore which later on would help them to quick thinking.

In the school they have two books which are the Mathematics and Social Studies. They use these books every now and then to gain more knowledge and taught them how to appreciate books. By giving them the assignments, doing some book activities like drawing and answering questions on the book. I noticed that she’s always excited answering her homework on books.  She’s enjoying looking different images posted on the books. That’s why she first completed her assignments on books than on the notebooks .


Beauty Box 5 for August

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Hello guys… I hope that you have wonderful time together with your family. Well, I’ve been busy for the past few weeks that’s why I don’t have enough time to post on my blogs as much as I want. But of course I find time to focus on writing anything that enters into my mind. And as a blogger, receiving free item in exchange of my honest opinion is worth writing for. Beauty Box 5 again sent another beauty products to me.

As I have said on my previous post, Beauty Box 5  is a monthly subscription service that delivers a package of sample beauty products to your door every month.

It’s August and time for opening another box. A box with full of surprises. I’m always excited every time I receive it. I know that you are all excited to see what’s inside the box.  photo image-78206aba16390f029e19461e10697f729bcf8769861a72717a61957c9ef5bb81-V_zpsd5a0c09f.jpg

Let me show you one by one…..
 photo image3_zps733fb298.jpeg
NOVEX Brazilian Keratin - a perfect treatment for all types of hair. Simply massage it into your hair after shampoo. Leave for at least few minutes then rinse to achieved a smoother and shinier hair.

 photo image4_zpsdbb08d48.jpeg
LA FRESH Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes - one of the things that we should always have inside our bag. Essential for removing makeups even to waterproof formulas. It doesn’t irritate our face and skin.

 photo image5_zpsd7b518c0.jpeg
STYLE Essentials Nail Polish - It’s not that simple nail polish because it has a shiny look which adds pretty dash of colors to our nails.

 photo image6_zpsf7b389aa.jpeg
NANACOCO Lip Gloss - lip gloss with no sticky effect on our lips. It also has vitamin E which is good protection for our sensitive skin.

 photo image7_zps0de9221a.jpeg
Purlisse Pur-Protect SPF30 - lightweight moisturizer with perfect amount of SPF to protect your skin.

Thanks again BB5 for the opportunity to have and to try the products.

So if you want to get these great items just visit their link for more info.


Note of Disclaimer : Received the items above for free in exchange of my own opinion. I was not being compensated in doing this review.


Got gift certificate from Zalora

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For the past few weeks I had some stresses  and problems in life.  Not that much serious to begin with. I think everyone experiences such kinds of situations on some parts of their life. It’s just the matter of how you handle it.  This hindrances are just trials we need to surpass. I believed that thru this we can be better person. On a lighter side, after all the difficulty there will be something good to happened. Surprisingly, I’ve  received an email from Xend telling me that I will going to get a P300 off for my first Zalora purchase.  It is an exclusive offer to Xend customers.

It’s good that everyone now and then I see to it that I always check my emails even up to the spam messages. There’s always a good news awaits on every messages I receive.  An offer about the task from advertisers and much more discounts, promos from different companies that I’ve worked with from the past.

As I have said I received gift certificate worth P300. They sent the code to be use in shopping. I just have to choose the item amounting to P300 or less. And that’s it….

It’s cool shopping online for free and  free shipping at the same time. I had fun choosing the item knowing that I will get it without spending any single cents. Here’s what I’ve got from their website, an Alexa black ballet flats. I really love my new flat shoes because of the comfort it brings..

 photo 4a99ad14-5d1d-4b87-9799-f7922162fa05_zpsf9800b71.jpg

Thanks again Zalora for the free gift. Here’s my model…
 photo 6f67a7f0-d6bc-490d-8aa6-3139cd288eb4_zps8e0b9560.jpg


Using Priva Intimate Wash is My Secret For the Confidence I have

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Every woman deserves only the best and this is to be beautiful. It’s not only being beautiful but happy at the same time. Being contented and having the feeling of fulfillment. That’s why we find some ways on how we can attain such objective. How to look beautiful and feel good about ourselves. I will going to share some of my secret.

Being a mom is never an excuses not to take good care of yourself.  Indeed, you will be benefited from it. After the unending household chores, you still need to have time for yourself. The me-time to pamper yourself and time to relax.

We don’t need to buy an expensive brand for our outfit just to appreciate our own  beauty. A simple one will do. You just need to find the best quality and an outfit that matches your personality. Your old clothes will do just try to explore more about your fashion and by putting some accessories on it. As they say, thru fashion you can deeply express yourselves. What is important is how you carry yourself. Just have the confidence and everything will just follow.

I have found this set of clothes of mine from my closet.  I love wearing this kind of outfit because I feel comfortable with it.

This is my OOTD….

I usually choose black top to hide some fats I have on my body.  I prefer casual wear just like what I’m wearing on these photos. Black see through blouse with stretchable material underneath. This will give an illusion of having  a relatively slender physique .  I wore it with colored cream skirt.  And a flat black sandals so I can stand or walk for more hours.  It’s best  to choose your own comfortable outfits.
 photo top3_zpsa89c8b37.jpg

And to complete it I always use Priva Intimate Wash.
The Priva Intimate Wash has a cool effect and you can really feel the comfortable it brings. It has a pH-balanced formulation that gently cleanses and protect us against itching and bad odors. It is also formulated to give an extra special benefits and to revitalize the delicate feminine area.

 photo IMG_3331_zpsfe0a826e.jpg

 photo IMG_3332_zps70ff6745.jpg

Priva intimate wash has two variants that you can choose from.

- Skin Firming and Cooling -
* It has collagen and an herbal root found in Thailand which is the Kwao Krua – it helps improve skin elasticity and firmness.

* It also contains Witch hazel extracts which retain the natural moisture of the skin.

* It has RevitaCool , the ingredient to keep you cool every time you wash.

- Skin Lightening and Cooling -
* Formulated with glutathione and strawberry extract to help lighten the dark skin area.

* Just like skin firming and cooling, it has RevitaCool – gentle cooling ingredient to keep you cool and refresh every time you wash.

In fact using the right and trusted feminine wash will absolutely protect and give us the comfort that we really need at all times. We will feel fresh and cool at the same time. Priva Intimate Wash is a quality product of Unilab.


Service Crew

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 photo servicecrew_zps472eeb76.jpg

When we finished our foods, hubby took Rhian a photo while holding the food tray. As if she’s like a service crew on one of the favorite food chain in the country. Such a great time seeing how simple family date become more even better with this kind of mood. Happy time with the family is priceless and a treasure for me.


Danhui Nai Summerfield III Framed Art Print by FulcrumGallery (Product Review)

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Since I was a kid I really love paintings. I used to make some drawings of mine since I was in my grade school days. I am just using a simple paper and crayons to make my own artwork. And this little artwork means a lot to me. I love to sketch different beautiful sceneries and most of my subject in drawing were landscapes, flowers and views. That’s why I really love seeing nice visual arts. I know that there’s a story behind those magnificent colors being put together. There’s something more interesting to know about in order to complete such artwork. I appreciate even the small details on every visual arts. Unfortunately for some reasons all my works were gone. How I wish that all my artworks in the past were zealously preserved. I really want to have a wall art print to be displayed inside the house.
 photo image_zpsf75706f4.jpeg
 photo image1_zps6e4f608a.jpeg

Well, luckily sent me an email if I can do a product review with their wall art and home decors. Of course, I replied a big yes to them. They asked me to choose one from their beautiful artwork. Actually I really had a hard time in choosing my item. There’s lots of categories to choose from with different subjects like flower art, food art, animals, art for kids, scenic art and many more . You can even select your favorite artist’s works. It’s really cool having one of their works hanging on your wall, right? And one thing more, there’s a specific place where you can put your wall art. You can choose your theme for different rooms like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen art, kids room, living room and more. There’s also the styles to choose from. If what kind of artworks you prefer more like abstract, vintage art, black and white, sepia photos, photography, modern, classical and etc. They have wide range of products like canvas art, framed art, art prints, mirror and photos on canvas.
 photo image2_zpsfc8f5434.jpeg

While choosing the item on their website, I just click every details to complete my order. Choosing the theme, size and even the frame I want. I’ve decided to choose the Danhui Nai Summerfield III. As I have said awhile ago, I love flowers so I choose from the flower art and framed it with A 19.88 x 19.88 inches Framed Fine-Art Print, Tuscan Rustic Mahogany, Top Mat Tablet white and Standard Acrylic Plexiglass. The price appears automatically while you put your order. It’s very quick and easy in personalizing your order.

I love the fact how they properly shipped and took good care of the item. I just wait for less than a week for the item to be ship. I am not disappointed with the result of my framed art work. The materials being used were great. It’s not that too heavy to carry. I put it in our bedroom. I feel relaxed every time I see the flowers inside my room. As if they were real and fresh flowers. It feels good by just looking on my framed art work. All the stress in life easily disappears. I think it’s a best therapy and a good start to start your day even better. All in all, all of us love our new home wall art decor. Thanks again FulcrumGallery for giving me the chance to have one of your great art.


Note of Disclaimer : Received the items for free in exchange of my own opinion. I was not being compensated in doing this product review.


My phone is undergoing repair and trouble shoot

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 photo error_zps91d750e3.png

I’m using my phone not only as a tool for communications but as well as my partner in doing my blog post. It’s easier for me to take photos and download it because as we all know our phone is always present with us. I don’t need to open my laptop just to view and update my accounts.

Now I realize the importance of having a phone. Unfortunately, for some reason my android phone is not working anymore. I don’t have any access with regards to Google accounts starting from Gmail, YouTube , Google Play Store and more. Every time I will add an account on my phone it displayed error. Before I can use any Google apps I should first sign in to my Google account. I myself tried to troubleshoot my own phone by watching tutorial videos and reading helpful materials on how I can fix my android phone. But sad to say, I really had a hard time and couldn’t repair it by myself. I decided to just ask some help from the right person who knows more about the product. I hope that he can do something about it. Right now I’m still waiting for some update about the repair. I really missed my phone and hopefully it will be working soon.


Second time being a flower girl on a wedding

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Just recently my co-choir decided to settle down and to build her own family. Lots of preparation are being made. That’s why she stopped singing for awhile. Just like any other weddings they need to prepare for it. It is the special day of the couple so they make sure that all would be perfect even up to the small details. Just like completing the whole thing for the entourage. Choosing the right person starting from the primary and secondary sponsor, adorable young girls for the flower girls and cute little gentlemen for ring bearer and so on.
 photo flowergirl1_zps93d1c302.jpg
 photo flowergirl2_zps23708217.jpg
 photo flowergirl_zps1464cce0.jpg

Speaking of flower girl, my daughter was one of the chosen one. She’s very excited about it. Actually this is her second time to be part of the entourage as one of the flower girls. Last time was when my sister got married. As I remember she was only 2 year old at that time. She just cried the whole time maybe because she’s still young. I thought she would be alright for now, but as expected she still cried for awhile. I think she just missed me because she walked on the aisle by herself. I was apart from her singing for the wedding. It’s good that her dad dropped by to see our little princess wearing her gown. I even requested him to take some photos of her. There’s lots of photos and I just choose the best three picture from the album.

I love her gown which is just  1 to 2 inches below the knee, so she could walk comfortably. White gown with minimal sequence on the top and with yellow ribbon as the motif. Thank you to our co choir for being our makeup artist and hair stylist. Rhian really loves how she looked with the make up on her face. She’s like already a young lady on her photos.


Pizza Making Activity

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Last Friday, some of the kindergarten kids were chosen to participate in the Pizza Making Activity. The children came from different schools all over the municipality. On the previous years, they had a Feeding Program but now they decided to have another set of activities for the children. It is also one way for parent and child bonding. The teachers also participated in games and other events program.

This is the first time that my daughter and I attended a school activity. We really had fun joining the pizza making. Here’s the photos on how she made her own pizza.
Firstly, she was given the plate to be use in doing her pizza.
 photo IMG_20140718_144041_zps89c32544.jpg
Then the pizza dough. All kids were excited to start.
 photo  Putting the tomato sauce on the dough.  IMG_20140718_151712_zpsd934e127.jpg

Spreading the tomato sauce on the top of the dough.. photo IMG_20140718_151853_zps7eeb9baf.jpgThen sprinkled it with cheese, ham and pineapple tidbits.
 photo IMG_20140718_152122_zpsc2d91604.jpg
Ready for baking… Will wait for few minutes for the cheese to melt.
 photo IMG_20140718_152245_zpsdcd6d633.jpg
Finally it’s done. Presenting her own made pizza. We brought it at home so her dad could taste it. Good job Rhian.
 photo IMG_20140718_154352_zps10ba6195.jpg
Your Pizza Aloha tasted good like the one I bought on a famous pizza parlor. I think it’s much pretty good than I’ve eaten on the restaurants before. You are still a kid and yet it is easy for you to come up with this. Good job to our future chef…