Give Time For Yourself

As I remember one of my good friend remind and told me not to forget to give time for myself even I’m already a mom. I’m sure that if you are a full time mom like me you sometimes forgot to pamper yourself . It’s mainly because your full attention was being centered into your family. Even your time is being divided to the different responsibilities at home. Well, that’s not an excuse anymore. Despite of lots activities and duties at home, you should always give yourself a “me time”.

At first of course you will need to come up with the right time management. Setting up your priorities and also thinking for your own good. Go out on your way and do whatever you want that makes you happy. Try to have a whole massage, go for a hair treatment, or even a simple nice nail polish. When you look beautiful, you will also feel beautiful at the same time. Everything good will just follow. In these way, you can do everything and in easy ways because you feel good about yourself. Starting from the good disposition in life.

Giving time for yourself means loving yourself at the same time. You just want to feel contented and happy with your life. Life is too short so make the most out of it. Try to experience and explore something new. Don’t be afraid of trying unusual things. And, I am sure if you will be brave enough you can face the whole world. Saying that, you are happy because of the time you give for yourself.


Complete your Beauty with Myra Facial Wash ( Product Review )

 Taking good care of ourselves is very much important.  You can also find ways on how we can also pamper ourselves. There are lots of ways that we can do.  Indeed, just by using the best facial wash will  complete the beauty that we want to achieve.

Speaking of facial wash,  Myra come up with a new product.  Ever since I was familiar with their vitamins but this time  different products came out.

I am grateful giving me the chance to try the two multi benefit product facial wash  for  product review, which have both Vitamin E beads to help skin healthy and at the same time get rid of those skin dirt and excess oil.

I am talking about Myra®  VitaSmooth and VitaWhite Facial Wash. But please let me show you what are the other things included on my kit. My Myra Facial Wash kit came with this lovely tin can.

 photo image_zpsvej3iz0p.jpg
A great personalized tin can from where I can put my other accessories or even special notes. It has a special message that states “Beautiful Inside and Out”.  And, when I opened it up I saw the other items inside.
 photo image_zpscge8eeb5.jpg
 photo image_zpswutridzv.jpg
Inside there’s a Myra VitaSmooth Hydrating Facial Wash 50ml, Myra Vitawhite Whitening Facial Wash and  face towel which I can use after I wash my face.

I’m very much excited while trying it out for myself. Specially knowing that  all the dirt and excessive oil into my face will be remove.

First, I tried this Myra® VitaSmooth Facial Wash 50mL Moisturizing Facial Wash . It’s good that in just a pea size amount into my palm,  I can already clean my whole face and neck. I love the scent while lathering it into my face. There are small beads present on it and I feel that this will help in removing the dirt. It’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, which is best for my sensitive skin.  

 photo image_zpsksewjv6q.jpg

Afterwards the Myra® VitaWhite Facial Wash 50mL – Whitening Facial Wash was next. Just like the Vitasmooth facial wash, it also has Vitamin E beads to keep your skin healthy. Vitawhite is more concentrated or not that much watery unlike Vitasmooth. I also love the scent while giving a massage into my face.
 photo image_zpsfysp2r1v.jpg
All in all, I am satisfied with the two products. I can see the difference after I apply it into my face.  No more worries for oily face and dirt. I also feel refresh after I used the two products.

You can also check their tv commercial here
Myra® VitaSmooth Facial Wash 50mL – Moisturizing Facial Wash

* Enriched with antioxidants Vitamin E beads which protect and nourished skin to help keep it healthy with youthful glow.
* Has Moisture Plus Formula that retains and seals in skin’s natural moisture, keeping it hydrated and more supple.
* Contains French Spring Sea Water and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice that improve skin elasticity and help keep it smooth and young-looking
* Of course, because it is from Myra®, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to be safe for everyday use.
* SRP 70.00

Myra® VitaWhite Facial Wash 50mL – Whitening Facial Wash
* Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E beads which protect and nourish skin to help keep it healthy with a youthful grow
* Has Biowhite Complex which is derived from plant extracts that gently brightens skin.
* Has Niacinamide that evens out skin tone by reducing red blotches to make skin more radiant.
* Of course, because it’s from Myra®, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to be safe for everyday use.
* SRP 75.00


My Thoughts at This Moment

Hello there! Hoping you are all doing great.

Here I am again, so many things revolving inside me. Too many complications or things that bothering me. I really can’t explain myself or what’s wrong about me. Maybe there’s lots of things running into my mind. I couldn’t find any solutions for this so I’m having hard time. I think I need to refresh myself and free from all the stresses that life is giving to me. I don’t know how to deal with this kind of emotions.

Thus, blogging gives me a good way on how to overcome such thing.  Through writing I can express how I feel. Tells everything even my sentiments which I couldn’t share it with someone personally. All I want is to scream all the problems and even worries that I am feeling right now. So for awhile I will feel relieved. How I wish it’s just like that easy. I know that everybody are experiencing this situations, it’s just that we differentiate on how we react and response to it.

But I think when you are fully loaded with petty things, it is hard for you to focus on much important thing. Wasted your time for nonsense and ended up with unresolved problem. As a blogger it is important for me to have a full attention towards my thoughts. I cannot come up with great post when I’m thinking of something else. Just like now, I’m in front of my laptop and running out of words. I don’t even know what topic to post. I should look on the good side and have a good positive outlook in life. Though this, everything will smooth nicely.

How about you? Are you feeling bad about yourself when things go wrong and you couldn’t handle the situations? How you react to it and how you solve it?


Protect your children’s eyes using Real Kids Shades (Product Review)

When you are a parent, specially when you are a mom you’ve always wanted to give the best for your kids. You love and care for them so much, that’s why their welfare is your number one concern. Our little kids really need our attention in the first place. Raising them well is every parents goal and main objective. We do have different obligations towards our children. Giving them their basic needs and making sure that they are properly taking good care of. Thus, their health is very important for us to consider.

They should be healthy so they can perform well in everyday task they are doing just like when they are playing. Enjoying great activities together with our kids. Eye vision is really essential for the kid’s development. It is a really big help on their learning skill if they have a clear eye vision. They even appreciates every colors they see. That’s why even at the young age of our kids, we should help them on how to take good care of their eyes. We should do something to protect their eyes.

My daughter has some sunglasses at home but I really don’t know if it’s really best for her. I want to find great shades that is perfectly made for little kids like her. Thank you to Real Kid Shades for the chance to try their product in exchange of a product review. They asked me to choose one from their selection. I chose the color pink Sky toddler2+ for my 2 year old daughter. Actually they have different styles and sizes according to the age of your kids which you can see from their website.

 photo Toddler-Sky-300x109_zpsjpeaegoz.jpg

The item is properly shipped and in good condition. Aside from the sunglasses, there’s also small pouch from where I can safely place her shades after she used it and a note about the information on why it is important for children to protect their eyes. A really good reading for more awareness with regards to the protection that they needed.

 photo image-aef4e297582deef29e7239f767f167eb137879edf895844773f188250a619cf1-V_zpsackegans.jpg
While opening the box, someone is so very excited about it. We were going somewhere and she’s ready to go. And, it’s good that to complete her look something new arrived. Yes, she immediately wear her new sunglasses. It really fits well on her and as a matter of fact she never took off her shades. I also noticed that it’s light weight. She can wear it all the time she wants because it’s comfortable to wear, not too tight and not too loose. It has 100% UVA/UVB protection and  shatterproof lenses. Kids can’t break the shades right away because of flexibility .  More importantly I am protecting her eyes and she’s fashionable at the same time. She really likes it and satisfied wearing it. You can see it on her following photos…
 photo image-acd7e26f385218e0746e8a26cf5d810886a4bcc2fd80abc85ef480d028986910-V_zpsbyjztl3p.jpg photo image-8699d6ad05167443a14d3c0da7287a7c6f5b17c596f5022ecfa570ae28801c22-V_zpsayd38xcr.jpg
 photo image-fd0afa9532511a75bbc0ea541b7cd49415fdbff51fc94dadb22cd2a5d28ea2fd-V_zpsq1vize4b.jpg
 photo image-c9297c8d7ebabf8340d01f356b7e6b2dc541798f4d7e4b0a8d18ed9bc88d3c67-V_zpsggrmz9ok.jpg
Sunglasses are so important and considered not only an accessory but a necessity. It is important that we choose the right sunglasses because we are referring  to the sensitive eyes of our kids. You can protect your kids’ eye from the direct sunlight that may damage eye visions. What are you waiting for , check them out for more info and choose what really fits on your kids.

Note of Disclaimer: Received the items above for free in exchange of my honest opinion. I was not financially compensated in doing this product review.


An Early Christmas Gift

Time flies really fast, it’s only 32 days before Christmas. Everyone is so busy in preparing for the coming of the Holiday season. Wherein most of the people are looking for different stuff as a gift for their love ones, relatives or even friends. As I remember last night while I was watching one show from the television shows, some of their topics are about preparation for Christmas season. Different foods for the coming holiday. They give it a twist for every ordinary foods. Another topic is designing their houses, related to the Christmas theme. Putting different lights, pouring snows, Santa Claus, Christmas carols and more. They spent more for the beautification of the house and sharing the unique view from other people.

 photo image_zpshe08nuok.jpg

 photo image_zps9tph3xnm.jpg
As I have said, there are lots of preparations happening even inside our home. In my case I’m done with setting up and decorating our Christmas tree. I already finished putting up garlands. I am just waiting for the coming of hubby’s bonus so I can use it for buying groceries and gifts. Speaking of gifts, my daughter already received an early gift. Two shirts given by my aunt and uncle from the States. My daughter is very excited, afterwards she immediately tried it for herself. The shirts were fits well on her as if they really know her exact size.


Nutri10 Plus Syrup, Vitamin Supplement for Kids

They always say that a mother has a very difficult task. When you are a mom, sometimes you are loving your child more than you have ever loved yourself. You ensure the good welfare of your kids. When I became a mom, my family became my main priority in life. I want to give them nothing but the best.

Specially for my daughter who really needs my attention. She is now 5yr old and busy with schooling. She has lots of school activities and very active. Well, just like any other moms I am very worried with regards to her health. .  I want to see my daughter growing into a smart and healthy girl. But sad to say, she is a picky eater and I’m having a hard time giving her the right foods that she needs. That’s the number one problem of every mom like me. I even tried different vegetable recipes but she really didn’t like the taste. Aside from that, she is also very energetic and active because she’s playful girl . She needs to gain more energy, that’s why I need a vitamins also for her protection. I am very much concern with her health. It’s good that there’s a vitamin supplement for kids.
 photo image_zpslhatihry.jpg

 photo image_zpsyk2ioeem.jpg
Nutri10 Plus Syrup food supplement has lots of benefits perfect for our growing kids. It has CGF ( Chlorella Growth Factor ), Taurine, Lysine, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Zinc

Chlorella Growth Factor – responsible for the immune system.

Taurine – it is important for brain function. It is safe and beneficial supplements, mostly found in meat and fish.

Lysine – an essential amino acid that we need, but it’s not found in our body. So we need to get it from the foods that we eat.

Zinc – it has a good health benefit for skin care, protects against many kinds of cancers and decreasing the duration of colds.

Our children have an active lifestyle so it’s better to give them the right food supplements. So next time you are looking for your kids’ food supplement consider the benefits of Nutri10 Plus Syrup.
You can also check the Nutri10 Plus for more info.


Frozen Inspired Lighting Effects Headband

Rhian really loves collecting different unique accessories. She’s very happy every time she would receive anything specially hair clips, headbands and many more. As a little young girl, she knows how to fix her hair on her own. Of course, a lovely hair accessories will complete her look. One of her favorite is headbands. As you can see, I think she has more than ten pieces of it.  photo 9b8d10c2-0c70-480e-b3e0-a8159f189fd0_zpspocoqog0.jpg
Most of them are hello kitty , obviously she’s fond of anything with hello kitty design items.

But by this time, she has a new headband given by her dad. She’s really a daddy’s girl. Hubby bought this for her because he knows that she’ll gonna like it.
 photo image_zpsaabn5ckm.jpg

It is a unique one, having a lighting effect every time you push the button at the back of it. That’s why right now this is her favorite because this was her latest accessories.
 photo image_zpseselk2aq.jpg

Her smile is priceless. She knows how to appreciate anything which was given to her even simple things makes her happy. Seeing our daughter happy makes us also feels happy.


Simple Sketch with Love

Every time that my daughter had her free time, she makes it a point that she’s keeping her busy with something else. Aside from riding on her bike and playing along with her stuff toys or with the Barbie, she also loves doing different drawings. She has no other playmates, that’s why she just rather do some artworks with herself. She uses any paper materials for her home projects, even writing at the back of the calendars. It’s good that hubby gave her lots of scratch papers so she can use it for her drawings.

 photo 1447658751203_zpso6u0qdby.jpg

This is just one of her simple drawing, yet you can say that she really loves her family. Her favorite theme was all about family. At a young age, she truly appreciates having us into her lives. I can really observed what’s inside the minds on every works she does. Her thoughts and feelings definitely would reflect on every artwork she made. By this, children can express themselves in just a simple handwriting and drawings. Even the color they put into it, shows the creativity within them.

Once in awhile, let them play and give them the freedom to do whatever they want. Of course, with the guidance and supervision of their guardians or parents. In such way we can fully understand them and in the long run they will be confident to show what they’ve got. Just give to them the support that they needed to fulfill their dreams in the future.


Superwoman Costume for Halloween Trick or Treat

 photo image-56ea757a482f6068fdb1c3ae2f00bbc4c42a790d4a23b6e57742a65b5e9b98c9-V_zpsg5amwcal.jpg
Costumes would be on your first list when Halloween comes, right? Specially for those kids who loves to join the trick or treat. Others would buy not only horrified outfit but fantasy look instead. Costumes like fairies, princess and even super heroes. Kids will choose their best outfit and showcase it to other people walking all around their places by saying “trick or treat”. Getting some candies and chocolates to put on their pumpkin basket.
Well, our little girl over here is also wearing her costume. We bought her a superwoman outfit in pink color perfect only for her. Maybe you are wondering why I posted it late, I’m just busy with taking care of her. She had her fever right there at that moment while everybody was busy doing the trick or treat. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it and never had time to enjoy the occasion. We just dressed her the costumes and just took some photos as her souvenir. We just put some candies on her basket and decided not to go to our neighbors. Took that time to rest and monitor her condition. Right now she is ok and ready to play again. I am sure that next year she can participate with that event.


Wonderful Colors of Rainbow

One of the beautiful topics or themes that my daughter would love to draw was all about rainbows. The rainbow is always present on her every art work. Maybe she loves to draw it because of the seven great colors. Any colorful thing is really fantastic, right? But actually she doesn’t know how the rainbow really looks like. She just saw it on every books that she have read. And as a matter of fact, she never seen any rainbow personally. Her works were just based on the drawings itself. That’s why she knows every colors of it.
 photo IMG_20151102_171716_zpsfqnaczko.jpg

She always keep on asking, when will she going to see rainbow by herself. I think that is one of her simple wish yet it’s hard to answer her question. It really depends on the weather that we have. As they say the rainbow will appear after the rain.

One time while we were outside, I noticed that there something looks really special up on the sky. A beautiful view captured our eyes, yes it’s a wonderful colors of rainbow. My daughter was really amazed with what she saw at that moment. She can never imagined that the picture she have seen on books are now for real. It’s a priceless never before seen scenery. She was very happy just by looking on that magnificent view. She now clearly visualized how it looks like using her own eyes. She immediately took a photo of it and told her dad that she finally seen a real rainbow. I can say that this is just one of the best outdoor activities, appreciating wonderful views.