Second time being a flower girl on a wedding

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Just recently my co-choir decided to settle down and to build her own family. Lots of preparation are being made. That’s why she stopped singing for awhile. Just like any other weddings they need to prepare for it. It is the special day of the couple so they make sure that all would be perfect even up to the small details. Just like completing the whole thing for the entourage. Choosing the right person starting from the primary and secondary sponsor, adorable young girls for the flower girls and cute little gentlemen for ring bearer and so on.
 photo flowergirl1_zps93d1c302.jpg
 photo flowergirl2_zps23708217.jpg
 photo flowergirl_zps1464cce0.jpg

Speaking of flower girl, my daughter was one of the chosen one. She’s very excited about it. Actually this is her second time to be part of the entourage as one of the flower girls. Last time was when my sister got married. As I remember she was only 2 year old at that time. She just cried the whole time maybe because she’s still young. I thought she would be alright for now, but as expected she still cried for awhile. I think she just missed me because she walked on the aisle by herself. I was apart from her singing for the wedding. It’s good that her dad dropped by to see our little princess wearing her gown. I even requested him to take some photos of her. There’s lots of photos and I just choose the best three picture from the album.

I love her gown which is just  1 to 2 inches below the knee, so she could walk comfortably. White gown with minimal sequence on the top and with yellow ribbon as the motif. Thank you to our co choir for being our makeup artist and hair stylist. Rhian really loves how she looked with the make up on her face. She’s like already a young lady on her photos.


Pizza Making Activity

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Last Friday, some of the kindergarten kids were chosen to participate in the Pizza Making Activity. The children came from different schools all over the municipality. On the previous years, they had a Feeding Program but now they decided to have another set of activities for the children. It is also one way for parent and child bonding. The teachers also participated in games and other events program.

This is the first time that my daughter and I attended a school activity. We really had fun joining the pizza making. Here’s the photos on how she made her own pizza.
Firstly, she was given the plate to be use in doing her pizza.
 photo IMG_20140718_144041_zps89c32544.jpg
Then the pizza dough. All kids were excited to start.
 photo  Putting the tomato sauce on the dough.  IMG_20140718_151712_zpsd934e127.jpg

Spreading the tomato sauce on the top of the dough.. photo IMG_20140718_151853_zps7eeb9baf.jpgThen sprinkled it with cheese, ham and pineapple tidbits.
 photo IMG_20140718_152122_zpsc2d91604.jpg
Ready for baking… Will wait for few minutes for the cheese to melt.
 photo IMG_20140718_152245_zpsdcd6d633.jpg
Finally it’s done. Presenting her own made pizza. We brought it at home so her dad could taste it. Good job Rhian.
 photo IMG_20140718_154352_zps10ba6195.jpg
Your Pizza Aloha tasted good like the one I bought on a famous pizza parlor. I think it’s much pretty good than I’ve eaten on the restaurants before. You are still a kid and yet it is easy for you to come up with this. Good job to our future chef…


Little Lemon Bubble from Matilda Jane Clothing (Product Review and Giveaway)

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One thing that most moms would love to do is to dressing up their cutest babies. A bit hard because we need a lots of patience while fitting the clothes to them but very fulfilling when you saw your kids looking good on their own outfit. We enjoy seeing them wearing lovely outfits as if they are already grown ups. Specially if you have little girls and you can dress them just like a doll. Our babies deserves the best. Only cute outfits for our cute babies. We love them so much that’s why we want to give them only the best. It’s good that Matilda Jane Clothing has lots of collections not only for kids but as well as for the adults.
 photo image-db66635733d5d5a02f3ba8b69428fc270c203989ee2533bf70078943408be5f6-V_zps635fef00.jpg
I love how it was being pack and folded. They properly shipped the clothes the way I wanted it to be.
 photo PhotoGrid_1406021583537-1_zps92bd14e5.jpg
I have a 10th month old baby girl. She grows up too fast. Two more months she’s already 1 year old. Thanks for them for sending me one of their lovely outfit. An advance birthday gift for my little angel. I received the Little Lemon Bubble and chose the 18m size. It has a lemonade, juicy fruit and fresh sorbet designs. It has a cherry bib and lots of ruffles on the side. Perfectly made for little kids because of the sweet touch design. I love how the outfit made and the different colors put into it.  She can pair it with any kind of shoes or sandals.

I add some little allowance on the size because my daughter grows really too fast. One thing more, I’m planning to have a theme of sweet delights on her 1st birthday on this coming September. Thanks for the idea being  brought to me by her new outfit. She can wear it on her birthday party. Of course, she should wear the cutest outfit because she’s the star of the event.

As a sample, we had our photo shoots. Let me show you how she participated well on her first modeling career.
These were taken in our bedroom …

 photo image-4354e0199b17480f15a9d536701ffc401cc4ec57bbb10fb62af8d33eb162f471-V_zps84df1550.jpg
 photo image-b5db5ac5167d71cd3d6e62d07f446416aca2419d4eb813b35a56c24461f2b5d9-V_zps708dcc20.jpg
 photo image-9980a90571d265f7733462e46fc12fe618d6da7ad788fea77a213f8dd287f299-V_zps4a1b957b.jpg
 photo image-bac8178ba337a6d55047309b14bea8f271b4649e1780b73fc3345dc39b0f6cd8-V_zpsfb972859.jpg
 photo image-67eed51fa27c0b94f316a91b5897d77853f60b7238de9e8ad6a21134124f9a60-V_zps9f52d177.jpg
 photo image-93dda38c3a5c5168420ae93eeff33537951b699f33c22bd441af182e29dc3468-V_zps26fa5e52.jpg
Outside the house…
 photo image-b546cbf67c3c1c1057d83e7dd693edaf8e10e11aa7a2141ddf92e7591d8687f1-V_zps1465aa88.jpg
 photo image-5df56666a8ded167f51c4573ff3413399697a3a0212fb41633e2b88fc7e1aee7-V_zps25fcacf1.jpg
 photo image-d065c5b88edd0cd8c51857b1f4460ed43e8674a8aff79108452af729f717c922-V_zps9ceb08e0.jpg
 photo image-54e4bc4468cf8d44bdbc34e6fdc89a414910e034a7cd5627ca59133a3e6cf31e-V_zps2cf45323.jpg
It seems like she’s comfortable with her new outfit.  She’s really a hyper and energetic child. She had fun doing her different poses in front of the camera. Thanks to hubby for helping me out in doing this photo shoot.  It’s our bonding activity at the same time.

If you want to have your kids great outfits. Just check Matilda Jane Clothing for more info about their items.

And, I have another good news for you. Matilda Jane Clothing is giving away a $50 GC to the winner. It is open for US only. It’s so simple, you just have to join the giveaway for the chance to win the great prize…. Good luck

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Note of Disclosure : Received the items above for free in exchange of my own opinion.  I was not being compensated in doing this product review.


First Outdoor Activity

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 photo IMG_20140718_132012_zps7fb56e03.jpg

Look at my daughter, she really had a good day on her first activity provided by the school and with the help of the municipality. We were inside the Pineda Sports Complex for the Pizza Making Activity. Children were given the pizza dough and they have to make their own pizza decorations by putting all the ingredients for the toppings. Afterwards, the pizza will be ready for baking in just few seconds. We just wait for the cheese to melt.

I will going to post what she did on my next blog post. It’s already late, I need to go to sleep early because tomorrow is Sunday. A time to hear a mass and be thankful to HIM for all the blessings and guidance He always bestowed upon us.


Beauty Box 5 for July

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It’s July and this only mean one thing. A new month, receiving another box from Beauty Box 5. Thank you so much for sending such great products . You never disappoint me every time I receive a box with full of surprises because I know you think about what is best for us. The best products ideally placed inside the box.  I am always looking forward to have new sets of beauty products to try it for myself.

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that delivers a package of sample beauty products to your door every month.

I know that you are also curious on what’s inside the box, right? Well I will not keep you waiting…
 photo image-e995d1279b9e7168e27d54ae4520ea4f5f352e53e42e1fb083c3ee321a34fa15-V_zps168458cd.jpg
 photo image-f7af973d23778b75bfbace36197eb393932e59d7ba230ba421979b234e739742-V_zps3f0c9cec.jpg
Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara – you can use it to give volume and definition on your lashes. It also helps to lifts your lashes, you don’t need to use curlers.
 photo image-574a11666260d4fc66b95d38e2eefb23cf455dd01f25c7d8999a86bb7b450e29-V_zpscb09b315.jpg
Body Drench Candy Licious Lips – Infused with beeswax, coconut oil, and Vitamin E. It’s candy flavored lip balm. In my case, I received the grape lollipop flavored which is also one of my favorite. Applying on my lips would be very easy. I will always use it to protect my lips from dryness.
 photo image-70aa96015e70db32a4365bc23da5ae6e8e333fea6df80314de1eddb70c7a0814-V_zps2fc2b4a4.jpg
Starlooks Lip Liner – as a blogger and makeup lover I already tried their products before. This is just one of my favorite brand with regards to beauty products.  I love their product because it looks natural on me and not heavy when I put it on my face. This lip liner would be perfect to moisturize your lips and to emphasize the color of your lipstick. And the good thing it last all day.
 photo image-0a9a36f3f78be4488c055959062d6dc811d53c2cfd3bbd194f6e98713be80187-V_zps815edfa7.jpg
Anna Naturals Glowing Mama Walnut Face and Body Scrub - It gently exfoliates your skin because it has no harsh chemicals.
 photo image-1e98a606f0d297fb605df6923644a241951903f1e016e6f1fbc33fa4cc1d8c61-V_zpsf1592bef.jpg
HASK Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment – A thick and nourishing cream that will give your hair the best care ever.

All in all I love all the items inside my box. Complete set of beauty products in just one box. So if you want to get these great items just visit their link for more info.

Note of Disclaimer : Receive the items above for free in exchange of my own opinion. I was not being compensated in doing this product review.


Photo Shoot in Poracay Resort

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Summer is not yet finished. We still have the chance to explore new different destinations to enjoy . Well,  we just had a nice getaway together with my relatives.  They decided to scheduled it in weekends so others who are working in weekdays can come with us.  I was being assigned for preparing the things and dishes that we will going to bring for the said outing. My aunt helped me in buying all the stuff .  All in all we had a nice and great bonding.

While we were on the said resort and after all the swimming we did,  we were all got tired. Just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views. My daughter never forgot to ask me to took some photos of her.  She just portrayed like a news caster reporting what’s happening on the place. She even requested for more videos. Photos below are just some of the shots we did while we were on our cottage.

 photo IMG_20140713_173223_zpsce30875e.jpg
 photo IMG_20140713_173152_zpsae393e77.jpg
 photo IMG_20140713_173202_zpsb9c41e47.jpg


Awesome Christmas Ornaments

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Few more months, we will going to celebrate the happiest day specially for all those kids. I am referring to the Christmas day, where everybody allotted their time to spend it with their families and friends. A good time for family bonding. Speaking of bonding, we try our best to set up our Christmas tree by using nice ornaments just like the Christopher Radko Ornaments . Choosing the right and perfect ornaments for your Christmas tree is really a must do.  Also a perfect time to have fun while enjoying in designing your trees at home.


Dresslily’s Charming Strapless Party Women’s Chiffon Dress

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Knowing your taste about fashion should also be considered. In todays generation, fashion statement has a big important role not only for the artist/ entertainment world but as well as  to ordinary people.  We have a freedom to show what we got and we can do this by allowing ourselves to show other people that we have our own identity through fashion.

We all   know, we can express our feelings  on the way how we carry ourselves.  It’s like a reflection of our own being. Of course, we would like to look beautiful and presentable in our own way.  Choosing the best outfit will be a big difference. We are not doing it for other people but most specially for ourselves. To boost our self confidence and appreciate the beauty within us.

As I’ve said, choosing the right outfit is just one of the things we should take consider.  And, I’m glad that I found the best leading international online fashion clothing and accessory store.  I asked them if I can have their product in exchange of a honest review. I’m very grateful that they granted my request.  They allowed me to choose one of their product.  That’s why I chose the Charming Strapless Party Women’s Chiffon Dress white in color.  To  be honest, I really had a hard time  in choosing my outfit.  There are lots of clothes to choose from. One thing more, they also have bags, shoes, watches, jewelry and other accessories. They really have a wide range of selections starting from women up to men.  I’m sure that all you are looking for can be found in only one website.

Let me show you some of my photos while wearing my new dress.  I feel like I am fairy lady in white.  My dress fits perfectly on me.  It’s very comfortable and love the material being used on the chiffon dress.  I can wear it on any special gatherings or even on a date with my hubby. Speaking of hubby, I would like to thank him for being my photographer on this photo shoots… Love all your shots by the way.

 photo image-46384d3e70c985d77e76963dd056276f477fdc4c6ea66fe3305a45a031688a66-V_zps98c2fdb8.jpg

 photo image-2bc5ab28103bb6428f5f1f4e67cc0beeb2a1090ee6476252ccdbe4caf9ef330a-V_zps56be60c6.jpg

 photo image-f1689d1d5a8cd35044775ab8870a07724fc9da564a9b734f621faa3dc6f8eae4-V_zpsf4c5dbef.jpg

 photo image-72e303c1426e94e3e7f36bcf96134bb948e55f3b47d403bc51fedf9773817653-V_zps3a5fb45e.jpg
Lastly, I can’t help myself not to do some selfie shot while wearing my new chiffon dress. Thanks again for sending this awesome dress for me. Definitely I will always wear this classy and elegant dress for events and parties.

 photo image-0f17af4c3b274699d0bdcd06b78cfa841816f3cfda542ae618fb992909388e31-V_zps8c83af6d.jpg
Note of Disclaimer : Receive the item for free in exchange of own opinion. I was not being compensated in doing this product review.


Ozeri’s Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl (Product Review)

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Hello to all of you. I have something to review this time which is one of my favorite product. I really love trying new different things that will give me stress free  from everyday task. Well I’m referring about the unending household chores and all those cooking stuff. I really love cooking new dishes for my family and even hosting a party with my friends and relatives. I don’t want to be embarrassed specially with the way I serve my foods. I want it to be perfect so that we will going to enjoy the food and of course everyone would be certainly happy on a specific event or party at the same time. It’s cool to use great products that will help you to do this  all things possible. This is not impossible to happened. Ozeri has a very good solution to this problem. It’s good that they have a nice and very useful product perfectly for all of us moms or even for those who love cooking and collecting kitchen items. Thanks to Ozeri for everlasting support in sending awesome and useful products for my reviews.

I know that you are so curious about it. I will not keep you waiting. I’m talking about my new Ozeri’s Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl. Yes you heard it right! A two in one item, a salad spinner and a serving bowl at the same time. It has removable colander and elegant serving bowl.
 photo image-1ccb3b5ad2aaa09a7e4d5104d3ead97eedc817ecc3fdd86011c699093bac881d-V_zps78d5b4ac.jpg
 photo image-eb43b29724d2001ea2f09b1f8847d92836bc48af5d918a0c532094f16cf072d0-V_zps34f36b7b.jpg

It has a stop button even your kids can use it and a visible container to see your greens spinning. This will be your great partner in preparing your salad specially your vegetables. Different greens or leafy vegetables like lettuce and arugula are hard to let them dry.

Let me tell you how it works. It is very easy to use and will absolutely helps you to lessen your work in cooking. You just have to hold the handle and try to pump it just like what we did which was shown from the photo below. For only a few seconds, your greens will definitely ready for your salad.

I love the idea that it has a bowl to hold all the water coming out from the vegetables so it’s free from mess. At the same time you can even use that bowl in serving your food. Indeed, the bowl looks very presentable.
 photo image-cc7c86652148cd763fdff8587cfc45c5207d9dea4a5e8815bf325966a5872819-V_zps77b46fef.jpg

BPA free design features . The colander and bowl is large and can accommodate all your greens and herbs. Non-slip base and handle locks into place for quick storage. Design in Switzerland to deliver frictionless spin action with an instant stop button. Comfortable pump handle requires no more than 3 pumps and it has a quiet spinning velocity.

We will going to prepare our Caesar Salad for this day. My mom is really excited to try the item.
 photo image-f06ca48198aef2026c460c1ec9a11e2b724e0f62754695d1467722b98399d4fb-V_zps145cae59.jpg
 photo image-8eac7e67eea134bf8712ed952197519bcb1a33229d3aff7d08a75bdaa4053680-V_zpsedc5c0ef.jpg
 photo image-13f8a8468edea9246e6609ee9bfd3289ae5a1004660da33d880367b2198ab58c-V_zps173f557a.jpg
After the spinning process, you can see that the water flows down into the bowl.
 photo image-703db47833f4a85aa13693134284edacf639115822372a830e745731342b597c-V_zps136f13cd.jpg
Really a time consuming when you do it manually, right? But by just using the salad spinner all would be easy. It will be the one who will do the draining for you. I’m sure that your guest will be surprise on how your item served as a big help to you.
So what are you waiting for? Don’t missed your chance to have this one on your kitchen. A really must have! You can find and get it to Amazon

Note of Disclaimer : Receive the item for free in exchange of my own opinion. I was not being compensated in doing this product review.


Loombands made specially for her

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As we all know, Loom bands are still on trending. Different persons coming from different places, races, gender and age generations are being interested to wear them. It is very fashionable to others specially with different designs and colors. Everyone is very addicted on making and wearing it.

 photo IMG_20140706_124754_zps716b3363.jpg

Well my daughter was given by her cousin a loom bands. These were made specially for her. And she really loves it. Thanks to Ate Nina by the way… You are so sweet and maybe next time you can make another one for me. LOL.